Our salami

Traditional Italian salami is very different than most salami purchased in North America. The texture is not as firm and should be cut thick at an angle for the best enjoyment. 

Ideal storage conditions, prior to serving, would be to hang your salami outside of the packaging and let it breathe for a good 30 min.

For serving, make a small slit along the bias of the salame and remove the casing up to how far you would like to slice. Cut 1/4" slices at an angle to deliver the perfect flavor and texture. 

For preparing a whole muscle piece for serving, a slicer on the thinnest setting would be ideal. If you do not have access to a slicer, slice as thin as possible. For Guanciale and Pancetta, the skin should be discarded before slicing.

Once cut, place in a plastic or foodsaver bag and store in refrigerator.