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Week of Sept 1st, 2013

Our Patio is officially open on the weekends from 11-5pm!

We will provide the meat, bread and accoutrements! BYOB


As 2013 comes to an end, we will be offering gift packages upon request and will be releasing an array of products specifically for the holidays. 



All of our pork comes from 100% Berkshire heritage hogs, Milk fed 100% Berkshires, Mangalitsa and Iberian Bellota unless noted otherwise. 


Everything is fermented and dried slowly; in according to the European traditions. 




For salami, we have available




Finocchiona  - Fennel Pollen, fennel seeds and chianti
Spanish Chorizo - blend of smoked spanish paprikas, oregano, garlic, pepper
Gentile red wine and garlic with blend of different muscles stuffed in a “gentile” casing. 
Ciauscolo spreadable red wine and garlic salami
Tartufo Fresh Black winter Alba truffles and summer Perriogord truffles shaved into a blend of milk fed Berkshire hog
Barolo Milk fed Berkshire salami used seasoned with 93pt+ Barolo wine, garlic and pepper
Mariola An old world Parma, Italy traditional salami stuffed in a oblong hog bung cap, made with imported dry lambrusco, garlic, pepper and using a blend of different muscles of the hog



Whole muscles  we have available right now





Bresaola Grass fed beef eye of round seasoned with Juniper, rosemary, garlic and red wine
Pancetta slowly dried whole with rib meat and seasoned with cloves and black pepper
Lardo- Mangalitsa back fat aged for 7 months and seasoned with oregano, thyme, garlic and pepper
Guanciale cured pork jowl seasoned with garlic, red wine, rosemary and pepper

Coppa-cured collar muscle
Lonzino Milk fed Berkshire cured loin
Lardo- Cured Iberico Bellota backfat



Written by Greg Laketek — May 25, 2013

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